Successful Midpoint of my MBA Journey! | by Ketut Adnyana

Ketut Bild1I have been attending the Part-time MBA program at the THM Business School since September 2022, and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. What attracted me the most to this program is the diversity of professional backgrounds among my classmates. They are highly motivated individuals with a strong desire to enhance their business skills. Additionally, the quality of the professors at THM, who utilize interactive teaching methods, has further convinced me that this business school is the perfect place for me to study and improve my business skills.
Throughout the program, I have had the opportunity to dive into various study modules, including leadership, strategic management, international marketing, financial accounting, and even an exchange program in Italy. The case studies and group presentations have been particularly beneficial in improving my business skills. Moreover, this experience has heightened my awareness of the importance of constantly preparing myself for new knowledge that continues to emerge. This is vital for staying competitive not only in the corporate workplace but also in the global arena.
One of the significant advantages of studying part-time at THM Business School is the flexibility it offers. Classes are generally held on weekends (Friday evening and Saturday). This has allowed me to strike a balance between my studies and professional commitments. It is particularly valuable for those of us who work full-time or have other obligations that make attending weekday classes challenging. Furthermore, for students unable to attend lectures on weekends due to unforeseen circumstances, THM still provides the hybrid option for many of the modules, ensuring they don't miss out on quality instruction and can continue learning from any location.

Moreover, the case studies at THM are designed to replicate real-world business challenges. We, as MBA students, are encouraged to apply our knowledge and skills to analyze cases, identify key issues, evaluate alternative solutions, and provide recommendations based on our own analysis. Additionally, the group presentations foster collaboration among students, allowing us to showcase our understanding and findings before the class. These group presentations cultivate teamwork, effective communication, and the ability to convey complex information concisely.

As I approach the midpoint of my MBA program, I am confident that choosing THM Business School was the right decision. It not only enhances my business skills and expands my horizons but also strengthens my soft skills, such as delivering presentations and public speaking. Moreover, it sharpens my awareness of future global changes. I firmly believe that meaningful change can only occur when we find the right learning environment and connect with like-minded individuals who share our goals and can motivate us. While THM Business School provides the guidance to achieve our goals, personal effort and dedication are essential to realize them. With hard work and the support of an MBA from THM Business School, I am confident that we can create a brighter future. Lastly, I always remember the saying, "Greatness isn't born; it is made," and I firmly believe that “hard work can beat talent if talent does not work hard.” With this in mind, I eagerly look forward to the second half of my MBA journey!


// Text by Ketut Adnyana
// Pictures by Jan Freidank


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