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//picture: Jan Freidank

Visiting the University of Bergamo (or Universita Degli Studi Di Bergamo) is part of our THM MBA program. Having listened to all the interesting stories from Professor Freidank about Bergamo (the city and the University) we were very much excited to take part of this journey. What makes this trip special is to meet with the students of our host, Professor Mauro Cavallone and together listen to expert speakers and to visit successful companies in the area of Bergamo so that we can gain insights on how the companies from Bergamo which are often family businesses can become globally well-known enterprises.

At the first day we started the program by mixing up with the Italian students in a groups to find out our similarities and the differences. The idea was in case there were differences how we could create value in our differences. It was then followed by listening to the guest speaker Giada Zambelli, who was previously a student from University of Bergamo and now successfully develops her family business. Miss Zambelli highlighted an important message to us which is to always keep updating our skills (in a formal or non-formal way) in order to be able to compete in global competition. After an interesting morning we left the university to visit the company Fratelli Beretta, a family-owned business founded in 1812, which is considered one of the biggest food processing companies of high-quality cured meat products in Italy. The important message which was delivered by Mr. Enrico Farina, the Marketing Director of Fratelli Beretta, was besides always keeping their product quality high in order to win the competition, to use digital marketing (social media with popular meme) to engage with their customers even closer.

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The second day on Friday 17th, began with excellent speakers starting with Umberto Simonelli (Brembo Chief Legal & Corporate Affairs Officer – Board Secretary) who is expert in Business Development in China. His message to us was in order to grow our business try to market products in the biggest market such as China too. The second speaker was Stefano Dozio (CEO of Coktail Machine). Mr Dozio’s important message to us was “to stay who you are” and always be competitive by searching for and implementing added value. The third speaker was Alberto Antognozzi (COO of Matchplat) together with Mr. Garielle Bestetti (Product Manager & Senior Solution Consultant of Matchplat). From the Startup company Matchplat we can learn that there is always a unique solution to identify the ideal business partner globally. The fourth speaker was Giulio Mazzoleni (an Artist Manager and Event Planner). Mr. Mazzoleni has been collaborating with several world-famous artists such as Eros Ramazzotti and Paolo Conte, but his most touching work was when he was able to contribute to his hometown of Bergamo with the planning of the great opening event for Bergamo being the “Culture Capital” of Italy in 2023, an important effort to restore the good image of the city after the Corona Crisis. The last activity on the second day was a visit to the company TESMEC. TESMEC manufactures a wide range of vehicles such as rock trenching equipment, surface miners, stringing equipment, railway equipment and electronic devices for smart grid management. Although TESMEC is considered a heavy industry manufacturer they implement AI Artificial Intelligence in their research & development and digital marketing concepts in order to win global competition.

The third day activity was a business game, where we were back in our groups from the first day mixed with the Italian students. Basis of the business game was a case study scenario which we will likely find in our business careers. To make it even more interesting our decision to invest in a special product which is used in various industries as thickener was tempted (disrupted) by receiving additional information on competitors with the intention to shake our opinion whether we still stick with our decision or change it. I saw that this is where the art of learning to make the right decisions that are needed by us in the future is not only based on the results of comparative and strategic analysis but also from the right instinct and high touch of sense.

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//picture:Jan Freidank

I have learned many valuable lessons from the 3 days official study tour to Bergamo organized by THM Business School and University of Bergamo, not only enhancing my business knowledge but also broadening my horizon about Bergamo with its unique blend of history, architecture, culture, and cuisine. Traveling together from Germany to Bergamo with our German THM MBA class mates and staying together in the same hotel in Bergamo strengthened our friendships. We feel like a new family which is helping each other to achieve our goals together. Our Italian “classmates” were very friendly and helpful during our time in Bergamo. We will certainly do the same when they visit Frankfurt at the Alumni Day that will be held in Frankfurt on October 14, 2023. Once again, I would like to thank Professor Freidank and Professor Cavallone for this event.

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//Author: Ketut Adnyana



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