How to always keep motivation high


Keeping motivation consistently high can be challenging for some, as motivation naturally ebbs and flows. It's normal for motivation to fluctuate. The key is not letting temporary dips derail our overall progress. By developing strategies and knowing how to apply them, we can continue pushing forward even when motivation isn't at its peak. Seeking inspiration or surrounding ourselves with sources of inspiration, whether through motivational quotes, books, people who inspire us, or studying again at the university while working for a company, provides the spark we need during challenging times.


Enrolling in the MBA Part-time program at THM Business School in Summer 2022 was a significant investment for many of us, belonging to MBA generation XX, who come from different countries and live near the Frankfurt area. The students of the MBA part-time generation XX come from diverse countries such as Germany, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey, Albania, Russia, Poland, and have varied professions like IT computer science, machine programming, sales and marketing, logistics, natural science engineering, tax advising, auditing, journalism, aeronautical mechanical designing, etc. Although we have different backgrounds, we share a common sense of preparing for the future. We understand that a degree doesn't make us smart, but education, in its many forms, provides a foundation for personal and professional growth, equipping us with knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities.

During one of the lectures, Professor Dr. Jan Fridank, the director of the MBA at THM Business School, told us that he didn't want to make us (the MBA students) "small" by withholding information. Instead, he kept "burning" us to approach education critically, recognizing its potential and limitations, embracing lifelong learning, and staying strategically adaptable.

Attending the first lecture in person in September 2022 and the last lecture in person in March 2024, we are almost done with our MBA study, with only the MBA Master Thesis remaining, which we will complete in the next four months. Most interestingly, our motivation to face challenges and look forward to the future has never decreased over time. At work, we are introduced to a culture of hierarchy that distinguishes people based on profession or position, but in the MBA class, with similar life pressures, we feel we are all the same and love to support each other without any competition, even sharing new job opportunities because we love to see our classmates grow.

On the last day of the lecture, we were all given the opportunity to present our preliminary thesis preparation by Dr. Melanie Bowen. As can be predicted from our diverse professional backgrounds, our master thesis proposals were presented in different directions that align with each of our passions but with the same common goal to improve society with the knowledge we gained from our MBA studies. Interestingly, most of us are trying to integrate artificial intelligence into our master thesis research (programming, sales and marketing, journalism) in connection with business development, while others are focusing on maximizing predictive maintenance to increase productivity, etc.

Staying motivated in a part-time MBA program with full-time work naturally requires a combination of strategic planning, self-care, and exceptional time management skills. This becomes particularly challenging due to its demanding nature, rigorous coursework, and the balance between study, work, and personal life. By setting clear goals and embracing the learning journey alongside our daily work, we can navigate the challenges and reap the full benefits of our MBA experience.

Most importantly, the curriculum design of the MBA program at THM Business School, with interactive and engaging coursework such as utilizing case studies, group projects, and simulations, makes learning more interactive and engaging, keeping us students motivated. For example, at the beginning of October 2023, from Monday, October 2, to Friday, October 6, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to practice and implement what we have learned from THM Business School, such as leadership competence, strategic and operative management, international marketing, financial accounting, digital business, etc., into practice in a business simulation game by paying close attention to the right strategy and analysis to understand the foundations of business administration, which we will surely need in the real industry.

The business administration foundation with one week of deep, perfect practice not only unlocked our understanding of the collective subjects we learned from our MBA program, but the perfect coaching from Professor Dr. Hayo Reimers and Professor Dr. Gerrit Sames also motivated us to acquire our skills (strategic thinking) to select, sort, and cultivate our understanding faster through the business simulation game. Furthermore, the business simulation game provided us with a strong knowledge base and mindset that are valuable either in advancing our professional career, aiming to start a business startup, or simply gaining a better understanding of how organizations operate in the real business world.

The phrase "perfect practice makes perfect" emphasizes the importance of not just practicing, but practicing correctly and with a high degree of precision and attention to detail. Quality of practice is as important as the quantity of practice when striving for excellence or mastery in a particular skill. In essence, applying the principle of "Perfect practice makes perfect" to our part-time MBA studies involves focusing on the quality of our study sessions, actively engaging with the material, seeking feedback, and maintaining a healthy balance between our studies, work, and personal life. By adopting these strategies, we can enhance both our learning experience and our motivation throughout our MBA journey.

When there is a beginning, there will also be an ending. We always believe that nothing happens by coincidence. There is always a connecting dot or a secretive chemistry why we meet other people, which happens for a (good) reason. Having met for the first time in September 2022 in our first lecture, we took our first group picture. We then made our last group picture when we met for the last time from our last lecture. We would like to thank THM Business School for helping connect us.

 MBA XX first group picture in September 2022MBA XX last group picture in March 2024

 MBA XX first group picture in September 2022 MBA XX last group picture in March 2024


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