Celebrating Excellence: Highlights from the MBA XIV Graduation at THM

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The evening of Friday, the 21st of June marked a significant milestone at THM as we celebrated the graduation of the 19th cohort of our esteemed MBA program. The event was a memorable one, filled with pride, joy, and a sense of accomplishment. 


A Warm Welcome 

The evening commenced with a warm welcome from Prof. Jan Freidank, the director of the program, who welcomed the graduates and their families.


Reflecting on 22 Years of Excellence 

Prof. Freidank highlighted the program's impressive track record, noting that for over 22 years, 364 graduates from 19 courses have successfully completed the MBA program. The current 20th course is diligently working on their theses, and the 21st course has recently begun. Despite fierce competition from over 200 MBA programs in Germany, THM's program has established itself as a key player in Hesse, with a strong regional presence and an international orientation. 


Diverse Industries and Companies 

Out of the 19 participants, 13 were present at the event, representing diverse business fields such as Engineering, IT, and Bio-Technology/Chemistry.


A Highlight on Diversity 

One of the programs highlights is its diversity regarding its graduates, featuring men and women from all over the world, including Cameroon, Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Turkey, and Pakistan. This international blend enriches the learning experience and prepares graduates for a global business environment. 


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The Future of MBA Graduates 

Addressing the relevance of an MBA in today's job market, Prof. Freidank emphasized the importance of the knowledge and networks gained through the program in future-proofing careers. He shared insights from a conversation with ChatGPT on whether AI would replace humans, concluding that while AI can enhance efficiency, it cannot replace human qualities such as empathy, creativity, and ethical judgment. 


A Fond Farewell and Call to Action 

In his concluding remarks, Prof. Freidank expressed pride in the graduates' achievements, acknowledging the hard work and sacrifices made by both the students and their families. He invited graduates to join the MBA Alumni Association and participate in Alumni Day on November 2nd in Frankfurt, where the focus will be on AI 2.0.  


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Special Thanks and Final Words 

A special thank you was extended to Rieke Feierabend for her crucial role in organizing the program. Prof. Freidank encouraged graduates to continue promoting the MBA program and help attract the next generation of students. 

The evening concluded with a celebratory graduation song and a special recognition of Julian Schepp, who received awards for Best Thesis and Best of the Year. 


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"As we celebrate this occasion, we look forward to the future achievements of our graduates and the continued success of the MBA program at the THM Business School", concludes the program director.

Congratulations to all our graduates!  


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