Celebrating Female Power: Congratulations to Our MBA XVIII Graduates!

We recently celebrated the graduation of our 18th MBA class at Johannisberg in Bad-Nauheim on June 30th. From the stunning view of this mountain, we looked out over the THM Friedberg Campus, where our students dedicated two years to their part-time MBA studies.

This graduation marked a significant milestone for us, as we now have a total of 346 MBA graduates! In Germany, women are often underrepresented in MBA programs, making it all the more noteworthy that out of the 18 students in this cohort, seven were female graduates. Six of them can be seen on the picture. What's even more impressive is that two of them managed to give birth to a child during the MBA program. Celebrating with 2 babies and 3 older children it was a  true family event.

MBA Abschlussfeier 2023 06962 Verbessert RR  MBA Abschlussfeier 2023 07002


MBA Abschlussfeier 2023 06990One of these incredible women, Ms.  Lena Bützow, who works for Fresenius was rewarded being the best student of the class. Not only did she achieve a perfect GPA of 1.0 (a historical record in our MBA), but she also wrote the best MBA thesis with the same exceptional score. Her success is an inspiration to us all.

Similar to our previous cohorts, our students come from diverse academic backgrounds, ranging from Business Administration, IT, Engineering, to Life Sciences. We are proud to have had two PhD graduates in this class, and the companies they represent read like a "who's who" of the Rhein-Main Area. From renowned giants like Commerzbank, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank, Fresenius, GIZ, and Schunk & Bender to notable mid-sized players like Faudi and State Street Bank, as well as several smaller enterprises, our graduates have found attractive employers across the board. We are particularly honored that many companies have been sending their students to us for several years, a testament to the quality of our program.

Looking ahead, we are excited to begin our 21st cohort in October. Our current graduates will play a crucial role in spreading the news about our program to their friends and colleagues, and for that, we are immensely grateful. There ae still some spaces available! 

We extend our best wishes for continued success in their promising careers and hope to see them at our Alumni Day on October 14th or during one of our partner BMI's modules.

To our MBA XVIII graduates, we are filled with pride. Congratulations once again!

MBA Abschlussfeier 2023 06972 Verbessert RR MBA Abschlussfeier 2023 06942 MBA Abschlussfeier 2023 07010 MBA Abschlussfeier 2023 06992


// Text by Rieke Feierabend
// Pictures by Jan Freidank



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