Bergamo: City of Higher Education and Lovely Food

Our trip to Bergamo took place from 24th till 26th of March 2022. Due to the COVID-19 pandamic and travel restrictions, this was the first trip of students from our university to Bergamo since 2020.


Arrival and accommodation

We received information on the planned trip to Bergamo three months in advance, to enable us to book the flights and make a reservation for the hotel in due time.

Most of us decided to go by plane. There are some connections from Frankfurt and Frankfurt Hahn airport to Milan and Bergamo. Some of us went to Bergamo by car. Of cource it took approx. 3 hours longer. On the other hand, forming a carpool with interesting people, like in my case, provided the opportunity to further improve the relationships with fellow students and to discuss recent developments in our studies.

At least half of our team booked rooms in Citta Dei Mille und BB Hotel Bergamo – two hotels very close to each other, with very good price-performance ratio and approx. 10 min walking distance away from the university.


Day 1

Our group of 3 persons arrived at 6 pm, checked in and went for a dinner, where we met some other fellow students. I don’t remember what I had for supper this evening, but I remember it was really good.

After our dinner we found some local bar and as all seats were occupied inside (on Wednesday night!) we took our seats outside and enjoyed our drinks freezing and shaking under the street lights.

Buffet Lounge Dining table People drink cocktails

Day 2

We met at 9 am with our colleagues and students of Bergamo University who were joining us the next three days. The day started with welcome speaches from Prof. Cavallone and Prof. Freidank. I will not mention all the presentations we had during the trip, but can assure you that it was very interesting to listen to experienced people who achieved executive and management positions in their companies.

One of the most exciting and definetly tasty parts of our working program were the lunch breaks. On the first day we had a lunch at Trattoria D’Ambrosio. It was funny that almost all of us were filled up already after starters and further dishes were served continuously.

group photo people in the auditorium Dining table

After the lunch and one more presentation we all went to AUTOMHA – a mid size company providing solutions for the automation of warehouses.

people at a lecture

And on the end of the first “working day” – pizza! And of course some beer and wine…

IMG E3828 Dining table Serving the dinner

But it was not the end. After the dinner some of us went to the city and found a small and cozy bar with delicious cocktails.

People drink cocktails People drink cocktails People drink cocktails


Day 3

We started this day with some presentations followed by lunch. After the meal, we visited the company TESMEC. This company operates in the market for infrastructure for the transport of energy, data and materials. We were even allowed to visit their state-of-the-art production facilities. The most interesting part for me was the manufacturing of trenchers.

The rest of the day was at our own disposal. Some of us went to the old town – Citta Alta, others decided to sat in the hotel and take a rest. This was more than neccessary after two eventful days.      

IMG E3879 people at a lecture leadership through company Group of people talking


Day 4

Business game day! All of us were devided into different groups, each of them had it’s own objectives and targets. I’m not sure I’m allowed to tell you more, but what I can tell you is that we had to make decisions and negotiate.

In the evening we were invited to Trattoria La Colombina – a remarkable restaurant in the old part if the city with delicious food.

people in the auditorium Group of people talking on bench Dining table Dining table

And once again I want to thank Mrs. Feierabend, Prof. Freidank and their Italian colleagues for the organization of the Bergamo trip. For many of us it was not only informative and interesting, but also a great experience. It is not very often that we have an opportunity to meet and to talk to smart, dedicated people from different business areas who want to achieve something in their lives. I’m sure the THM MBA program will help us to achieve our goals. And our business trip to Bergamo – you can consider as a small, but very delicious cherry on top of the MBA cake.


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